Recently, garments produced by Tangshan Sanyou Group Xingda Chemical Fibre Co.Ltd,  Remanufactured rayon staple fibers ReVisco™ were launched in H&M's designated stores online and offline as a spring/summer environmental conscious action limited series, completing a new life of recycling textiles to garments. 


ReVisco™ is an innovative line of TangCell® products that reproduces cotton/regenerated cellulose fiber products using innovative  and sustainable technologies derived from used cotton textiles.

The global fashion industry is on a path to sustainability, with Sanyou's successful mass production of ReVisco™ fiber in June 2019 marking a milestone in the viscose fiber industry's use of recycled cotton. 50% of the raw material comes from recycled cotton fabrics after consumption. The recycled cotton pulp is provided by Re: newcell, a Swedish company. The remaining 50% is made from FSC COC wood pulp and reviewed by Canopy models.

After nearly a year of efforts by various parties in the viscose industry chain, the sustainably recycled viscose fiber has been transformed into garments by renowned fast fashion brand H&M and went on sale on April 23. Ekman, a multinational pulp and paper group, has built a bridge. Tangshan Sanyou Group Xingda Chemical Fibre Co.Ltd, Re:newcell, a Swedish company with advanced recycled textile technology, Södra, a well-known association of forest owners, and H&M have teamed up to create a successful sustainable development case from raw materials to garments. 


 Currently, ReVisco™ has two products. One, co-developed with Re:newcell, contains 50% post-consumer cotton textiles. The product has achieved mass production in June 2019 and is currently sold to brand owners; The other is to cooperate with Södra, which contains 3% post-consumption cotton textiles, for mass production in February 2020. Sanyou will continue to deepen the cooperation with Södra, so as to strive to produce more than 20% post-consumption textile fiber as soon as possible, and sell it to the downstream cotton mills through all channels.    


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