Corn Protein Fibre

As a noble product of regenerated cellulose fibre, Corn Protein Fibre has the features of softness, air cooling and overhanging elegance. Meanwhile, it is rich in protein and amino acids, possessing the function of moisturizing skin as well as antibacterial and antiphlogistic.

Sanyou Corn Protein fibre, based on viscose as matrix, retains the properties of viscose fibre with similar physical index as well as other good various performances due to rich content of corn protein. Color of this fibre is naturally cream-yellow and gentle in nature and can be dyed upon customer’s requirements.

Sanyou Corn Protein Fibre contains various amino acids. Related products touch softly and smoothly, with style similar to silk, light texture, moisture permeability but low cost. It can be widely used for all kinds of clothing and bedding. Various amino acids will come into our body while worn to complement the deficiency of amino acids and care about our health, which becomes a new fashion of textile fabric.


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